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CTSW Brochure
It's a Flight Design CTsw - and we love it! (so much we're on our 2nd one!) The CTsw is a "light sport" aircraft, made in the Ukraine and Germany. This new breed of aircraft is distinguished by it's sleek design and modern construction. CT stands for "composite technology", a tough mixture of epoxy with high-tech fibers: Carbon fiber, Kevlar, and Aramid. This is no "plastic" airplane... the strength-to-weight ratio is incredible, which is why they make all the new military & commercial jets from the same materials. Our CT is a nice balance of performance, safety, economy, and fun. Oh, and not to forget... the plane is equipped with its own parachute!
The Equipment - The CT instrument panel can be configured in many ways. N531CT has been upgraded to a full "glass panel". The center console sports a Garmin GPS 696, a Garmin SL40 radio, and a Garmin GTX330 mode S transponder. The left panel provides flight instruments with a Dynon EFIS D100, a Trutrak Vizion 385 2-axis autopilot, plus analog airspeed and altitude gauges (for backup). The right panel provides engine information with a Dynon EMS D120, plus the circuit breakers. Airborne traffic is displayed on the Garmin 696, when available. A SPOT Tracker/Messenger is also used on all flights, along with an iPad with EFB software. The CT is equipped for night flight, with all the necessary strobes, beacons and panel lighting. N531CT's brakes and wheels have been upgraded to Matco.

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